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The Bullfinch is also known as the Eurasian Bullfinch and is a member of the Finch family. It is often regarded as a garden bird, although it actually very rarely visits gardens. The Bullfinch can be seen all year round in places such as woodlands, farmlands, hedgerows and orchards. Its squeaky warbling song is very quiet and not very often heard.

The Bullfinch is a small plump bird with a large head and a short, fat-looking black beak. The male is recognised by its rosy pink breast and cheeks. The female has a pinkish grey coloured breast and also pink-grey cheeks. Both the male and the female have black faces and wide black stripes on the tops of their heads.

Bullfinches are very shy birds that like to stay close to cover whenever possible. These birds are not often seen on the ground feeding because they often take their food directly from plants and trees. Bullfinches eat buds from oak and hawthorn trees as well as dandelion and buttercup seeds. In winter large groups of Bullfinches can be seen in feeding areas where food is in abundance.